Low Emission Irrigation Systems


Broadcast Emission Devices

Features & Benefits:

  • Adjust flow and radius by turning outer cap.

  • Clean by completely unscrewing cap from base unit.

  • Ideal for shrub plantings, trees, containers, and flower beds.

  • Four convenient installation connections available for design flexibility: 10-32 self-tapping thread, 1/2″ FPT, 1/4″ barb, and 5″ spike.

Landscape Dripline

Next Generation Technology Delivers Unmatched Performance

Rain Bird® Landscape Dripline is the next generation in pressure-compensating, inline emitter tubing. It delivers unmatched clog resistance for long-term reliability. When you
combine Landscape Dripline with Rain Bird’s comprehensive line of Turf and Xerigation® drip products, you’ll have the peace of mind and confidence that can only come from specifying and/or installing a complete Rain Bird irrigation system.

Features & Benefits:

  • Pressure compensation ensures consistent flow from each inline emitter throughout the entire length of tubing run from 8 to 60 psi.

  • Design prevents debris from clogging emitters for maximum performance

  • Cylindrical shape of the factory installed emitter “welds” to the inner circumference of the polyethylene tubing, keeps the emitter securely in place even when tubing is kinked.

  • Choice of flow rates, spacing and coil lengths provides design flexibility for a variety of applications.

  • Patented, cylindrical design emitter with dual outlet ports allows air and water to escape, eliminating the need to install an air relief valve or automatic flush valve on each inline tubing zone when tubing is installed at grade and mulched over.

  • Brown color blends with non-turf landscape and/or mulch.

  • Available in purple color to easily identify non-potable water zones.

  • Pressure compensation achieved by lengthening the emitter’s turbulent flow path, not the cross-sectional area.