Summit can do a site audit of your current system and a report on what modifications that would bring your system up to-date and more efficient.


“Smart” irrigation controller technology.

Smart” irrigation controllers reduce outdoor water consumption by monitoring site conditions and using weather information transmitted via wireless pager to control the amount and frequency of watering.

Initially we conduct an audit of your current system, soil type, moisture retention, plant type, ground slope, etc.

These factors are then combined with local weather data such as sun, rain, wind, humidity etc, supplied via wireless pager.

From this information the “Smart” controller determines the correct amount of water to apply—not too much and not too little—to maintain healthy growing conditions while conserving water.

For example:

During hot dry weather, plants require more water than during cooler periods. “Smart” controllers adjust the amount of water applied accordingly.

If significant rainfall occurs, rain sensors compensate by reducing the amount of water as appropriate.
If you have a soil type that absorbs water very slowly or a property with steep slopes, “smart” controllers will use that information and apply less water, more frequently, to minimize run-off.

This “Smart” controller can be installed on any conventional system utilizing local high-end weather stations. This can result in a healthier landscape with a deeper root system and water savings of up to 60%.


Computerized Central Control Systems

Computerized Central Control Systems are an irrigation management system that controls the entire operation of an irrigation system from a central point.


Water Collection

Summit Irrigation is involved with the installation of Rainwater Collection and Reuse Systems for residential and commercial properties.

This is accomplished by running storm water to a cistern or holding tank. The irrigation system then uses this water for lawn watering.

Examples of water collection systems would be:


A cistern under a garage floor or a “Bushman” holding tank above or below grade connected to the eavestrough downspouts. Water is then pumped from the tank to the irrigation system. Please contact Summit for further details.